Russian Language

Russian language studying it is: multicultural linguistic environment great learning experience of foreign students well-qualified teachers individual approach to learning disclosure of research and creativity potential good cultural environment

TSU has 20 years of experience teaching international students. The Faculty of Philology over the years has conducted pre-vocational training program for students from all over the world: Spain, Italy, Germany, USA, Belgium, Poland, China, Turkey, South Korea, Tunisia, Taiwan, Mongolia, Egypt, Turkmenistan and others. TSU organized Summer Schools with intensive training of Russian language and implemented programs of academic students exchange from universities of Italy, Germany, USA, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, and others (detailed infrormation about summer school you can find here). Since 2010 the University implemented the bachelor's dual diploma program. Master's program "Russian as a foreign language" operates for Russian and foreign undergraduate and graduate specialties in philology.






Preparatory Department  

  • prevocational training in Russian language
        (Russian for beginners)
  • dates - October 1 – May 31
  • applications are accepted until October 1; students
    who received the elementary training level at
    home may start training on January 10
  • total volume - 660 hours, 20 hours per week
  • curatorial support for the entire training   
  • after completing the course and successfully passing the state test on Russian as a foreign language (TORFL-1) students receive a state certificate, which gives the right to study in the universities of the Russian Federation


Undergraduate (profile "Linguistics")

  • training period - 4 years
  • dates - September 1 – July 3
  • applications are accepted until July 25


Master's program "Russian as a foreign language"

  • accepted Russian and foreign graduates with a bachelor's degree and a specialist (the humanities)
  • training period - 2 years


Postgraduate studies

  • accepted Russian and foreign graduates with Master degree (the humanities)
  • training period - 3 years.


Short courses of Russian language for foreigners
(Internship 1 to 6 months)


Summer school
Classes are taught by Russian language teachers of the Department, who have special training and considerable experience in working with international students.     


The TSU Faculty of Philology organizes:

  • residence
  • cultural program : excursions to museums, theaters, and the country-side
  • visa support
  • health insurance.


Distance learning of  international citizens
Courses by level (80 hours, duration of course is 2 months)

  • elementary level (A1)
  •  a base layer (A2).


Thematic programs (40 hours, course duration - 1 month)

  • Russian language in the media
  • Culture and society of Russia
  • Siberian sketches, Tomsk.
    After completing the program the student receives a certificate of Tomsk State University.


Testing of Russian as a foreign language

  • Testing for determination of the level of proficiency in Russian as a foreign language: elementary/ base / first / second / third
  • Testing for getting citizenship of The Russian Federation
  • Testing for Migrant Workers.
    To enter Pre-University Training Department (the Russian language course) please submit:
    Application for admission, to be submitted to no later than August 1st to apply for the winter semester. 


  • Medical certificate and health insurance
  • HIV status certificate.
  • 6 photos 3,5 х 4,5 cm.



Demeshkina Tatyana, Dean of the Philology Faculty
Contact e-mail: Tel. : 8 (3822) 529-852 ; fax: 8 ( 3822) 529-585

Nesterova Natalya, Philology Faculty Deputy Dean of training foreign nationals.
Contact e-mail: Tel. : 8 ( 3822) 53-40-77

Faschanova Svetlana, Specialist of foreigners teaching department
Contact e-mail: Tel. : 8 ( 3822) 53-40-77

Alekhina Nina , Coordinator of Russian as a foreign language Testing Center
Contact e-mail: Tel. : 8 ( 3822) 52-70-44



  • dates - September 1 – July 3
    Every year the TSU Faculty of Philology invites students to the Summer Intensive Russian Language School
    Dates - July – August
    School duration – from 3 tо 8 weeks

    Study program (20 hours per week) includes intensive speaking and writing; advanced grammar topics; advanced listening and pronunciation skills; practical stylistics; discussion of current socio-political and cultural issues; introduction to the Russian media and work with various types of media texts; introduction to the culture and history of the Siberian region of Russia.