Academic Calendar

Application Deadlines

Please submit your application for admissions via our online application system

If you are having difficulty with the online application, please contact the admissions department for assistance

Our deadlines are as follows: 


Academic Year Programs


Application Deadline


Full Year (full Bachelor’s programs)


July 10


Full Year (full Master’s programs)


August 14


Fall Semester (for exchange students only)


April 15


Spring Semester (for exchange students only)


November 15


Intensive Russian language course in Spring Semester (February-June)


December 25


1-year Russian language course (October -May)


September 1


Summer/Winter Programs



Intensive Summer Russian Language School

May 15

Summer Schools

June 1

Winter Schools

December 1



We are still accepting applications for all winter/summer programs!

PART-TIME STUDENTS should contact TSU Centre for Joint Academic Programmes 

Once we have received all of your application materials your application will be reviewed by our admissions committee. Decisions of admission for semester, year and summer programs are generally made within two weeks of receiving the application in TSU.