Upon your arrival at TSU, you will be housed in a room at the new residence hall . After admittance, with only limited paper work, the residence hall staff will provide you with bed and all necessary bedding (mattress, pillow, blanket, bedspread and bed clothes). The residence hall is equipped with furniture and bathroom units. Shared kitchens are equipped with neccecery kitchen appliances. The new residence hall is up-to-date, built for students and their needs: internet, laundry, gym, place for dance and aerobics. There is security, with advanced CCTV and fire protection. There is the International Student Services Centre on the first floor (in room 15), that is available to assist you with questions you may have.


In this gallery you can find photo of the University's residence hall.



Within 2 or 3 days after your arrival you will need to go to International Student Services Centre to discuss such housing issues as:

1. Discuss terms of stay at the residance hall. For example you need to undergo a medical examination, take fingerprints (fingerprint locks), make payment and others.

2. Whether you would like to stay in the room in which you were originally placed or in another room where you could practice your Russian language (where you roommates will be native Russian speakers or international students with a high level of Russian language proficiency), or perhaps live with your friends, or in a room you may find more comfortable.

3. Whether you may prefer to rent a room or apartment in the city. The Centre can assist you with legal and language help in dealing with real estate agencies.

4. Residence hall  or other housing rules, relating to accommodation fees, fire safety exercises, procedure for extension of residence hall  stays, schedule of cleaning, and other useful guidance. 




You should take seriously all procedures for stay at the residence hall. Please take into account that all actions (taking fingerprints, medical examination, conclusion of rent contract and others should be made within three days after your arrival. Detailed information you can receive by Tel. +7 (3822) 529558.




For various reasons you may decide to rent a room or apartment in the city.

First, we should warn you that renting a room or apartment is more expensive than living in the residence hall. The rent would depend on the area of the city, the type of room or apartment, and a number of other factors. It is almost always going to be higher than the cost of the residence hall. Sharing a room with friends may somewhat reduce this cost, but you are likely to be further away from services provided in or near the University residence hall. Additionally, for a person who barely speaks Russian and does not live with a native speaker, such living outside the residence hall may be a real challenge. Be careful and think twice – do you speak Russian well enough or do you have a native speaker friend who will be living with you? If yes, International Student Services Centre or your responsible person can help you in searching for a room or apartment and in concluding the rental agreement.