Psychological Services



As noted, one of the first difficulties you are likely to face is culture shock from being in a new country, and with new culture, language, and people around you. This feeling can be especially strong during the first couple of months when there are perhaps few new friends and everything seems new and different for you. The University understands this, and that is why psychological services for students are provided free of charge. The Office of Psychological Help is located in the basement of the TSU’s Main Building (room 25a); telephone number: + 7 (3822) 53-47-56; working hours Monday – Friday 10:00-17:00, with the lunch break from 13:00-14:00. You may send an email or visit the website. This office has professionals who are available to provide expert psychological assistance when one feels the need to discuss problems or stress resulting from any issues facing a student.



Because the psychologist and psychoanalyst speak only Russian, if a translator is needed you may call the International Division, which can provide you this service, or, you may ask your responsible person to help you. Any discussions or consultations using a translator or other helper require extreme discretion on their part, and they must hold all information in confidence, as your secret. Within this confidential setting, it is possible for an international student to share concerns or problems with specialists in an anonymous setting, and to receive advice and counseling to make their studies at TSU more comfortable and to help prevent situations that may cause them harm.



At the residence hall, you may also receive counseling in the International Student Services Centre. Specialists in this centere are ready to help you with daily problems, give you tips and pieces of advice on where and what to buy, where to spend time, and to help resolve possible disputes with roommates. The International Student Services Centre is in room 15 in the residence hall , and their telephone number is: + 7 (3822) 53-47-56.